The Ultimate Sexual Scavenger List – How Many Can You Tick Off?


This week we’re on a scavenger hunt for some seriously sexy encounters. Have you ever looked back and remembered the time that you had mind-blowing sex that rocked your world? Well, for any of you that haven’t, here’s your tick-list to make that happen.

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex truly is your road to ecstasy. It’s the act of prolonging the bonking by channelling orgasmic energy is sure to hit the spot, besides the orgasm that follows will be the most mind-blowing that you will ever have.


With a bit of research into your local dogging hotspots you too can live life a little on the edge with a quick romp in the outdoors. The best part about dogging is that you don’t have to join in if you feel nervous at all. You can simply be a bystander or simply put on a show.


Swinger Club

Swinger clubs are a fantastic way to meet other open-minded individuals in a safe and relaxed environment, and they’re not boring too. If you ever find yourself in one of these places, then you can expect to look forward to action-packed rooms, with fun swinger games and themed events.


This type of sex is an open and fun possibility that you can tailor to your own personal tastes. Fetishes come in all varieties such as foot, balloon, latex or food; the world is your oyster when it comes to finding your fetish. Exploring what tickles your fancy is a must, and with such a range of options, we are certain that with a little bit of detective work you will find the best one to satisfy your sexual appetite.

Mile-High Club

Honestly, who doesn’t want to join the mile-high club? You might not be brave enough to tell everyone about your sexual encounter in a swinger club, or that it turns out you have a carpet fetish, but we’re sure you can share your entry into the mile-high club. Just don’t get caught: jail time might not be worth it.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our tick-list of hot sex to try once in your life. If you have had any mind-blowing encounters of your own, then share them with us in the comments below.

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