Erotic Story.

Second time of the night.

During the day he said he’d been fantasizing about anal and couldn’t wait to feel my tight little hole stretch around his cock. He fitted a plug and we went out. Upon returning he was good for his word. He slowly removed the plug and replaced it with his cock. He took his time and moved me from position to position until I was open he was finally ready to explode inside me. Exhausted, we both slept. Until I was woken by his stiff cock against my back in the middle of the night.

“Babe I want you again” he said.

“Not my arse, I still feel stretched after what you did to me earlier” I replied.

He took my pussy and slid inside. Again moving me in to the position he wanted before ejaculating inside me for a second time. He held me and we slept again until morning.


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